About the Library

Library Staff

Karen Hunter, teacher-librarian at Washington Elementary, was a junior high school teacher for 32 years before joining the Washington School District. Mrs. Hunter's educational journeys took place in Tucson, Arizona at the University of Arizona (Go Wildcats!) and in Flagstaff, Arizona at Northern Arizona University (those neutral Lumberjacks!). 
The loves of her life are her family, her puppies, reading all kinds of books, traveling of any kind, and camping in this beautiful state of Arizona whenever the opportunity arrives. Her greatest joy is serving children and in assisting them on their educational journeys by providing them with the skills they need to become lifelong learners. Contact: 
Karen Andersen-Hunter, Washington Elementary School

Jennifer Lugviel, Library and Technology Assistant, manages and organizes so much of what happens in the library and media center. Her knowledge and expertise make The Washington Falcon's library a better place.