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SubjectSite NameLink (URL)DescriptionGrade Levels
SubjectSite NameLink (URL)DescriptionGrade Levels
Science Calculate Your Weight on Other Planets  3-5 
Social Studies Scholastic: Special Report - Kids Observe 9/11 Scholastic News presents articles that help students process the meaning of this day. 3-5 
Science SATURN Picture - NASA Exploration  3-5 
Science MERCURY Pictures - NASA Solar Exploration  3-5 
Science URANUS Picture - NASA Exploration  3-5 
Science NASA Solar System Ecploration  3-5 
Science Windows to the Universe About Earth and planets. Three reading levels available 3-5 
Science PLUTO Picture - NASA Exploration  3-5 
Science Starchild This Learning Center for Young Astronimers Web site features information on the solar system, universe, and space science at two reading levels. 3-5 
Science Astronomy Magazine  3-5 
Science Explore Mars Now  3-5 
Science Views from the Solar System This multimedia website presents information about the sun, planets, moons, comets, and asteroids, as well as information on the history of space exploration, rocketry, early astronauts, and space missions. 3-5 
Science Saturn, the Jewel of the Universe  3-5 
Reading and Literature Wacky Web Tales Create funny stories using different parts of speech. 3-5 
Science The Nine Planets This site gives an overview of the history, mythology, and up to date scientific facts of each of the planets and moons in our solar system. Each page provides information and images, as well as references for further reading. 3-5 
Science MARS Picture - NASA Exploration  3-5 
Science JUPITER picture- NASA Exploration  3-5 
Science VENUS Picture - NASA Exploration  3-5 
Science NEPTUNE Picture - NASA Exploration  3-5 
Science Windows to the Universe Learn about space and astronomy. 3-5 
Social Studies Mummification  6-8 
Social Studies Tour Egypt Photos and Information 6-8 
Social Studies Ancient Egypt Video video - 3 minute overview 6-8 
Social Studies Pyramids- Houses of Eternity  6-8 
Science Kid's Guide to Tornadoes Lots of basic tornado information with links to more info as well. Kid Friendly. 6-8 
Social Studies Building a Pyramid to Scale Build your own pyramid 6-8 
Social Studies Egypt: Geography, Nile and the Desert Great Overview 6-8 
Social Studies Egypt: Daily Life  6-8 
Social Studies Pharoahs  6-8 
Science Damaging Air Winds-Kids Guide Great Information site for tornadoes and other natural disaters. 6-8 
Social Studies Egyptian Clothing  6-8 
Social Studies Ancient Egypt - General Information Lots of information about Ancient Egypt topics 6-8 
Social Studies infoplease Atlas, Encyclopedia, Dictionary, Thesaururs, and More Elementary 
Social Studies PBS Pyramids: The Inside Story PBS Pyramids: The Inside Story- explore inside a pyramid and find out how they were built Elementary 
Mathematics Math Playground Math Games and Activities Elementary 
Social Studies Ancient Egypt Full site on Ancient Egypt - Geography and History, Daily Life, Religion, Animals, Stories and More Elementary 
Social Studies KidRex Safe Search Site Elementary 
Science United States Geological Survey -- Site for Kids! Interactive games and printable activities about nature. Elementary 
Social Studies British Museum Young Explorers Explore history and current information on world cultures. Elementary 
Mathematics Illuminations Math Activities Games and activities from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Searchable by grade level. Elementary 
Social Studies Ancient Egypt General Info - Tombs and Mummies Elementary 
Social Studies Ancient Egypt - History and Gods Somewhat interactive Elementary 
Social Studies Guardian's Ancient Egypt Kid Connection Information about gods, mummies, and pyramids. Craft projects. Elementary 
Social Studies Ancient Egypt - History of Egypt Lots of information here. From Kidipede Elementary 
Social Studies King Tut Short overview of King Tut Elementary 
Social Studies Egyptian Mythology Gallery Information on Egyptian Gods Elementary 
Social Studies Ask Kids Search Engine Kid Friendly Search Site Elementary 
Health and Nutrition CDC.GOV - Health Games Find out how Secret Agent X saves the world! Elementary 
Social Studies Ancient Egypt Quick info with pictures, explanations, stories Elementary 
Social Studies The British Museum - Ancient Egypt General Information Elementary 
Technology Finding and Evaluating Websites From Houghton Mifflin's Kid's Place Website Elementary 
Social Studies KidsClick! Kid Friendly Search Site Elementary 
Social Studies Discovering Ancient Egypt Information on hieroglyphs, kings and queens and much more. Elementary 
Science Smithsonian Animal Cams The Smithsonian National Zoological Park provides cameras for viewing some of their animal exhibits. General 
Research Creative Commons Search Find images and media that can be shared online General 
Reading and Literature Books in a Series Database This will get you a list of books in a series. General 
Science Washington Library Science Resources Collection Created for the Washington Elementary Learning Community, this page is a growing collection of the best science resources available. General 
Reading and Literature What's Next (in a series) Database This site lets you look up books in a series! In order! General 
Reading and Literature Web-Pop Stories Listen to online books including the Serendipity Series. K-2 
Reading and Literature Game Goo! Games to help students practice early reading skills K-2 
Science EARTH Picture - NASA Exploration  Preschool - K 
Science ABCYA Drawing Program Draw pictures and type stories! Preschool - K 
Reading and Literature Bernard Most - Children's Author and Illustrator Bernard Most creates fun and informative books about dinosaurs for young children. Includes coloring pages and other activities. Preschool - K 
General Pete the Cat Pete the Cat - I love my white shoes Learn about colors and attitudes with this song! Preschool - K 
Showing 64 items